Seavuria’s  partnership  between  students in Kenya and Seattle.  The partnership ‘s all about research work on various topics.  The main objective is to make Science and scientific research a necessity in human life.
We as the pioneers of Seavuria it has been a great journey with so much experience.  With the help of Mar Margaret – who  assisted us in Computer literary – our research  work  has been of great advantage.  She also went an extra mile of donating a notepad to speed  up our research  work.
   Meeting new people from another continent has established  good relationships in research work and life too (When we exchanged our personal information), and despite  the differences  between us i.e technology, knowledge in sciences etc. the partnership has given us the courage that we can meet the standard.
   Through the research we have identified various things that affect the global health.  Being young scientists , we have always had it in mind that we would do our best to curb the things affecting global health.
 With the information we had gathered, we presented it in the provincial Science Congress in  Lamu, which marked the end of ‘Seavuria Research Work season One’  It was fun and an awesome experience.  Variety of projects were presented and we got to learn more from them e.g ways to research and how to present the projects.
   That was just the beginning of Seavuria  partnership  project.  More  are yet to be discovered  and we always alert to research more and more.  We will not get tired cause it is part of our lives, we are always working hard to make this partnership a success legend.

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